Our illustration library includes a range of people, buildings, home furnishing, props, technology, nature, and more. While the style of the illustration appears to be very simple, we’ve included lots of small details that will surprise and delight.


We build our scenes from white and use varying tones of gray and pops of color from the Google palette to fill in people, places and props. Modular buildings and people keep the illustration style consistent and efficient.

Our library

If you’d like to use any of these illustrations, please reach out to fiber-brand@google.com. Please refrain from copying, downloading or taking screenshots of images from this page.

Fiber store and classroom illustration
Fiber house illustration
Group of Fiber people

Internet for all

Google Fiber is for everyone, and that should come across in our illustrations. Be inclusive and mindful of cultural metaphors.

Diverse collection Fiber people


One of Google Fiber’s core differentiators from Google and other ISPs is our passion for local cities. By using custom, local illustrations, we are able to speak to our customers on a much more personal level. Please reach out to fiber-brand@google.com if you’d like to request a custom illustration for your city.


Our illustration style should always support the story we’re telling and connect with the human spirit. We are proud of these illustrations, and the role they play in helping people connect to abstract ideas and local markets.

Illustrations used as stickers

Please don’t

Don’t use the illustrations as a “sticker pack” to decorate marketing materials.

Illustration with blue background

Please don’t

Don’t alter the background to be anything other than white or light grey.

Illustration with diverse characters

Please do

Arrange characters together that show diversity and inclusion.

Illustration with white/neutral background

Please do

Use white space and neutral backgrounds in illustrations to emphasize the pops of color.

Multiple illustrations combined into one

Please don’t

Don’t combine elements together to create your own scene.

Illustration with too many colors

Please don’t

Don’t use too many colors in one illustration. It packs less of a punch.