Our logo is our most distinctive brand element, and will be the tool you rely on more than any other when creating Google Fiber things and experiences.

Which logo should I use?

Full-color logo

This is the logo you will use the most. Use it whenever you can.

Full-color logo Download full-color logo

Reverse logo

Use this logo on backgrounds that are dark or black. You may use this logo on photo backgrounds too, as long as they’re in an area of the photo where you can really see it. If the photo is too light, use the one-color logo.

Reverse logo Download reverse logo

One-color logo

If you need to give Google Fiber a subtler presence, use this logo. It’s useful in sponsor lists with other companies, for example. Also use this if the full-color logo isn’t an option, like in black-and-white print.

One-color logo Download one-color logo

Usage do’s and don’ts

Reverse logo on blue background

Please do

Use the reverse logo on color backgrounds.

One-color logo in sponsor list

Please do

For partnerships, use the full-color logo on white, or match the other logos with the one-color in grey.

Reverse logo on light gray background

Please don’t

Don’t use the reverse logo on light backgrounds.

One-color logo on dark gray background

Please don’t

Don’t use the one-color logo on dark backgrounds.

Reverse logo on photo background

Please don’t

Don’t use the reverse logo on imagery that makes it hard to read.

Full-color logo on black background

Please don’t

Don’t use the full-color logo on a dark background.

Full-color logo with altered colors

Please don’t

Don’t change the order of the colors in the full-color logo.

One-color logo with incorrect color

Please don’t

Don’t change the color of the one-color logo.


To make sure it stands out and looks great, we need to be aware of where and how we place the logo. We always want our logo to have enough space around it, and be legible even when it’s small.

Clear space

The more space you give our logo, the greater impact it can have. The amount of clear space around the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “G” in Google.

Clear space measurement around logo

Minimum size

The minimum size for screen application of the logo is 24 dp in height. The minimum size for applying the logo in print application is 0.125 in./3.1 mm in height.

Minimum logo sizes for screen and print

Placement do’s and don’ts

Full-color logo on document

Please do

Place the logo in the corner with the appropriate clear space.

Full-color logo misplaced on document

Please don’t

Don’t move the logo too close to the edge or other elements that violate clear space.

Full-color logo with altered spacing

Please don’t

Don’t change the spacing of the logo.

Full-color logo with drop shadow

Please don’t

Don’t add effects like drop shadows.

Full-color logo rotated

Please don’t

Don’t rotate the logo.

Full-color logo distorted

Please don’t

Don’t distort or stretch the logo.


The social logo is only used on social media and in circumstances where only a smaller version of the logo will do, like as an icon.

Social logo Download social logo
Social logo with altered colors

Please don’t

Don’t change the color arrangement or the colors of the social logo.

Social logo used to create a word

Please don’t

Don’t form other words with the Google G.