Google Fiber photography is different from other brands. We don’t rely on stock photography. Everyone cast in our photos are real people, not models. If they’re a family in a photo, they’re a family in real life. This makes us different, adds humanity, and makes for delightful imagery.


Kids sharing headphones


When you have a choice, show lifestyle over products. Images should feel welcoming and real. Friends and family, even at rest, are actively engaged. Photography is dynamic.

Woman using Google Cardboard


Our photos represent modern, everyday families sharing relatable everyday moments. When technology is included, it does not take center stage. We show a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and ages.

Kids playing video games


Fiber images are interactive and witty. We show that “Home is better with Google Fiber” via the subject, action, or propping.


Boy taking photo with phone

Please do

Preserve the scene and its actors as captured.

Boy taking photo with phone

Please don’t

Don’t crop out other members of the scene, or focus on one single element.

Woman using Google Cardboard with Fiber logo

Please do

Place the logo over sections of the photo that are less busy to keep it readable.

People on sofa with Fiber logo

Please don’t

Don’t place the logo over people or other important elements of the photo.

People on sofa using tablet in black and white

Please don’t

Don’t convert photos to black and white.

People on sofa using tablet with color filter

Please don’t

Don’t apply color filters or overlays to photos.

Photo library

If you’d like to use any of these photos, please reach out to Please refrain from copying, downloading or taking screenshots of images from this page.