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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these illustrations or photos as visuals for decks or flyers I’m creating?

We’re glad you like the illustrations! We do, too. To avoid them being used as clip art, stickers, or simply out of context, we’re not providing them as downloads. If you have a specific need for an illustration, please reach out to us in the approvals section above, or at with your use case.

How strict are these guidelines?

These brand guidelines should always be taken in consideration across the work we produce to maintain consistency and a level of excellence across out work. That said, there are times when we may “break” the guidelines for campaign-level executions. If you have an instance where you can’t follow the guidelines, reach out to us with context and reasoning why.

I have to write copy for a piece, but it’s not covered in the copy bank. Can I write new copy?

The copy bank serves as a starting point for writing new copy. Think if it as a template, but you’re allowed to change things to meet the needs of your piece. We do ask that you keep in mind the context of your piece and the right levels of “smart, spirited and neighborly” to apply to the copy. If you do change or write new copy, reach out to Legal for the appropriate approvals.

I still have questions. Who can I ask?

Shoot us a note on the form above, or email us directly at